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Rent: A Tenant's Tale is a weird little passion project.

This project is canceled and uses placeholders. Can also be buggy, so be warned, and have FUN!

You play as the new person in town. Finally able to move into your new "affordable" apartment, only to have it bought by the richest man in the city, Mr. Rich. With the rent now unreasonably high you must do whatever it take to pay your rent on time.

*Roughly 2 hours of content!
*Meet and talk to strangers!
*Fight bug, thugs, and criminals!
*Work at a greasy burger place!
*Find wallets off dead bodies!

This game was made in RPGMaker VX ACE

:Art, Programming, Writing:
WeirdRikert     Twitter

Yung Bean     SoundCloud

Peter Logan    Twitter


Rent.exe 290 MB


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The game is beautiful!

Loved the first exe, can't wait to play the updated one.